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Alina Anderson
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Dr. Darryl Demchuck
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Don Wilson
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“To date (The Lease Coach®) is involved in two major negotiations for new space. We received notification from our Calgary site property managers that they were backbilling us from 1997 to 1999 for increased operational costs, to the tune of $27,655.19. Thanks to your foresight in negotiating our lease, they also soon realized that we had a clause that ‘capped’ the increase in operational costs to 10% per year. In effect, (The Lease Coach®) saved us $16,292.17.”

Shirley McBride
McBride Career Group

“I expected the landlord would be very rigid to deal with, but you have saved me thousands of dollars in ways that I would not have other wise achieved. I shudder to consider the terms of the lease I would have signed had I not hired you. I highly recommend your services to any tenant dealing with commercial landlords…you earned your fee many, many times over…thank you.”

Michael Kricken, D.C.

“(The Lease Coach®) was immediately responsive to our requests, and kept the lease negotiations moving in a timely fashion throughout. (The Lease Coach®) initiated and met deadlines, often, in advance of what was required. (The Lease Coach®) demonstrated obvious knowledge, experience and ability in their field and provided us with important insight, observation and guidance. They were also sensitive to the needs and feelings of each of the partners in our firm with respect to what each sought to gain through our proposed expansion. (The Lease Coach®) turned a difficult lease negotiation into a beneficial experience for us.”

Thomas F. Glenn
Low, Glenn & Card
Barristers & Solicitors

“The end result of the negotiations was a far more favorable lease agreement than we ever would have been able to do by ourselves. …it makes good business sense to pay someone to do the things that you cannot or do not like to do and concentrate on what you like to do and what you do best!”

Kip and Shelly Petch

“(The Lease Coach®) has been the finest organization that I have ever worked with as a business consultant. Their orientation, attitude, and professionalism were a model of how I would envision all business dealings to be. The fees I paid for service were of exceptional value representing a small amount of money as it related to the benefits gained in the lease arrangements. I wouldn’t dare negotiate a lease without their involvement.”

Bud Sipko, DDS

“It was difficult to express just how valuable (The Lease Coach®) was to us, but we are convinced we would not have secured our location with out their efforts. In addition, (The Lease Coach®) was able to negotiate very favourable terms in a high-demand location…the services were most impressive, and paid for themselves many times over.”

Randall Heimark, D.C.
Hamptons ChiroCare

“The money I spent on your services was the best money I could have spent! Its cost was more than made up in the demands placed on my behalf during lease negotiations. Thanks for being in the tenants ‘corner'”

Johanna Yakula
From Times Past

“The Grower Direct franchisor recommended that we use The Lease Coach® to negotiate our new lease. The Lease Coach not only negotiated for 6 months of free rent plus a tenant allowance, but reviewed all the lease documents and provided the peace of mind we needed going into the lease. We recommend that anyone opening a new business use The Lease Coach®.”

Wanita Persson & Denise LeMarellec

“(The Lease Coach®) truly negotiated on my behalf. They say hindsight is 20/20. And if I had to do it all over again, I would not hesitate to contact (The Lease Coach®) at a moments notice. Thank you for being the genuine caring professionals you are. You can count on hearing from me again before my lease expires.”

Alma Nenshi, D.C.
Wellness Chiropractic Clinic

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