Services for Tenants

We offer a number of Professional Leasing Packages to fit a range of needs:

PACKAGE 1: The Coaching & Consulting Package

If you recognize the value of your own personal Lease Consultant on call this is a very affordable choice. You may call, e-mail, or fax us inquiries anytime during regular office hours.

We provide you with one-on-one consultation by telephone/fax/courier. Prior to beginning and as your new lease deal, special project or renewal develops our coaching will ensure you avoid pitfalls while maximizing your options.

We will review all Offers to Lease and Formal Lease Agreements. You get a written report if desired and follow-up telephone calls to discuss options and strategies.

Not even lawyers get paid to read and review more Lease Agreements than we do. Aside from avoiding nasty clauses you will enjoy peace of mind knowing what you are really agreeing to before signing. This is truly the best advice your money can buy.

PACKAGE 2: The Negotiating Package

Do you want your Lease Renewal, special project or new location negotiated by a professional? There is no substitute for years of negotiating experience. You can be partially or totally involved in the process while reaping the benefits of our experience and skill. (includes Package One services)

PACKAGE 3: The Site Selection & Negotiating Package

A combination of your local involvement and our site selection expertise when we come to your city. Remember, you can renegotiate almost any part of your Lease Agreement except the physical location. Selecting the right property, and even the right space for your company inside the building is like laying the first brick upon which every brick is laid. (includes Package One & Two services)

Document Review

39-Point Lease Inspection with written report and one-hour consultation.


Book a free 30 minute consultation with Dale Willerton and get a free autographed copy of Negotiating Commercial Leases and Renewals for Dummies.