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How to Earn at Least $100,000 Every Year Part Time as a Successful Lease Coach, Consultant and Negotiator

BOOTCAMP for Business Brokers.

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Attention Business Brokers…

I’m Dale Willerton The Lease Coach and I have created a training course specifically for Business Brokers to help you earn more money working with business owners.
This is your invitation to enroll in my upcoming Bootcamp Training Program Sept ___, 2020 presented live by Video Podcast.
Over the past 27 years as The Lease Coach myself and my team have earned millions of dollars coaching, consulting and negotiating lease deals for commercial, retail, healthcare and foodservice Tenants all over the US. But there is so much potential work we can’t even scratch the service.
So I have developed a 9 Module LIVE Online Training Course for the purpose of training business brokers to work with tenants, like I have, and to potentially earn substantial money working part time or even part time.
This is not a franchise – there are no ongoing fees or requirements.
Why NOW? – Approximately 2 million business owners (tenants) renew their lease or enter into new leases each year in the America. Due to the Covid 19 crisis most of these Tenants will need a rent reduction – and they desperately need someone to negotiate those lease deals for them.
Why BUSINESS BROKERS? – Business brokers already work with business owners. Most Business Brokers have seen a downturn in their business during the pandemic as fewer businesses are being sold and purchased. This is a new service you can add to your existing business model with little or no startup capital. Don’t stop what you’re doing, just add Lease Consulting part time to your existing brokerage business and potentially earn thousands of dollars more working on a fee for service basis (Lease Consulting is not a commission driven service, which is why we have not designed it for real estate agents – who are commission driven).
What Does The Training Provide? I will be taking you step by step through the processes I have developed so you don’t need to spend 10 years re-inventing the wheel. Below is a taste of what you will learn from The Lease Coach…
Dale Willerton
The Lease Coach

Dale Willerton is the Lease Coach, and author of Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals for Dummies published by John Wiley. This 336 page book is available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. All business brokers who enroll in the course will be sent an autographed copy.

Dale Willerton (The Lease Coach) reveals…

How to Earn at Least $100,000 Every Year Part Time as a Successful Lease Coach, Consultant & Negotiator

“ I hope you join me for The Lease Coach’s Bootcamp. See the packages below.”

– Dale Willerton
The Lease Coach


  • On demand access to all modules online for 6 months.
  • 3 thirty minute one on one coaching, mentoring and alignment phone sessions (one per month) personally with Dale Willerton. These sessions will only be available and offered during the Bootcamp.
  • $500 early bird pre-registration discount.


  • On demand access to all modules online for 3 months.
  • 1 thirty minute one on one coaching, mentoring and alignment phone session personally with Dale Willerton.  This session will only be available and offered during the Bootcamp.
  • $250 early bird pre-registration discount.


  • On demand access to all modules online for 1 month.
  • $1000 Per Day Potential Profits. How I switched from a career in commercial leasing and property management to becoming a self empowered lease consultant. Learn how I increased my income by 500% and let this course shorten your learning curve.
  • Positioning Yourself as the Expert. Getting hired is easy when tenants see you as the expert in our field. Discover how to position yourself as an expert and get paid more as a result. Includes how to get thousands of dollars in publicity, at minimal cost or for free.
  • What Tenants Want. It is more than negotiating. Learn what services tenants need and are willing to pay for. A Professional Lease Consultant is a Professional Problem Solver with a complete arsenal of services.
  • Marketing Your Services. What works, what doesn’t? There are hundreds of opportunities, but these are the proven top ways to effectively market yourself (on both a small and medium budget).
  • No Cold Calling or Prospecting. This lesson deals with how to make your phone ring. Discover the secrets of getting prospects to email you. How I get hired over the phone by more than 90% of tenants without even leaving my office.
  • Getting Hired. Understanding why tenants want and need to hire a Lease Consultant isn’t enough. Don’t just interview the tenant, let them interview you and get hired as a result. What tenants want to hear you say and how you say it persuasively. Identifying and avoiding high maintenance clients.
  • Identifying Target Clients. Certain types of tenants (or industries) are more likely to hire a Lease Consultant than others. With over 3000 consulting projects under my belt I have identified the most profitable groups so you can zero in on the best prospects first and most often.
  • Get Paid What You Are Worth. Sure, work hard, but get paid very well using a standardized fee guide. How I bundle my services into Project Packages while charging the maximum fee resulting in the best consulting experience for clients.
  • Getting Paid in Advance. Learn how to get prepaid in full in advance by 80% of your tenant clients. Avoiding contingency projects and how to turn tenant requests for payment arrangements into solid income streams.
  • The Power of Referrals. Referrals are the easiest way to acquire new clients. Some referrals happen by accident, but don’t rely on chance. Referrals can represent a third of the new business you get. How to get referrals from clients, accountants, lawyers, and even landlords.
  • Seminar Yourself to Success. For years my seminars were ineffective until I learned these secrets. Watch and learn from video clips of my live seminar presentations and power point outlines. How to host your own seminars for tenants.
  • Getting Paid as a Professional Speaker. Imagine getting paid to train and speak to hundreds of prospective clients. Content is critical. Franchisee conventions, tradeshows and business mixers needs speakers.
  • Advanced Case Studies. Learning is easy with the summary case studies from actual lease consulting projects. Avoid pitfalls, discover what works and how to create maximum benefits for the tenant.
  • Doing the Work. What does a lease consultant really do? Preparing an effective tenant report and lease document review. This lesson reveals the steps and shortcuts to maximize results as you do the work of a Lease Consultant.
  • Getting Paid For Who You Know. Thousands of dollars await you in referral fees when you refer tenants to other professionals. Learn how to form a strategic alliance with a reputable contractor, sign maker, attorney, etc. and get paid for those referrals.
  • Dealing with Landlords and Real Estate Agents. How to actually get brokers and landlords working with you, not against you. A complete and indispensible list of do’s and don’t that every Lease Consultant needs to know.
  • Sharpen Your Saw. This is a list of must read books and audio programs on commercial leasing, consulting and marketing. How to become more knowledgeable and the results you can expect.
  • Your Office Setup. What you need to know about setting up your office. Inexpensive alternatives to the home-based office. Hiring an assistant that makes you money and saves you time, general do’s and don’ts based on tried and true experience.
  • Forms & Contracts. Where to find the best lease form templates. Using standardized forms, contracts, engagement letters. Get started with a professional look without re-inventing the wheel.
  • Writing Articles That Make Your Phone Ring. I’ve written hundreds of How-To-Leasing articles over the years for magazines and online forums. Learn how to monetize these articles while getting free credibility and recognition as the expert.
  • Miscellaneous Nuggets of Gold. These lessons and tips will help make you be a more effective Coach, Consultant and Lease Negotiator, and help you earn more money – gathered from over 30 years of my commercial real estate career.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Dr. Ferrance DC Aikido Logan Howard San Jose

Alma Anderson Olive and Bean Colin Presniuk Associates

“I cannot recommend The Lease Coach enough. In the end, the money he saved us on our lease paid for the service many times over. In addition, we walked away with peace of mind knowing that we understood what it was we signed, we got the best deal we could have hoped for, and that Dale will continue to be a resource even years into our lease.”

Erin Neary
Owner & Manager, Book Club – East Village, NYC

“It was obvious that they had what I needed and this industry knowledge, skill experience and time to handle my lease renewal properly. … The landlord wanted to raise my rent from 25 to $28 per square foot. The Lease Coach was able to get me a substantial rent reduction. In fact instead of renewing at 25 or $28 per square foot the Lease Coach got my rent reduced to under $10 per square foot. This saved me over $2,500 per month in rent and that was a total saving of more than $150,000 over the eight year renewal period.”

Dr. Vincent Lee

answered by The Lease Coach

Dale, when did you start your career in commercial real estate?

In the late 1980’s I was recruited by a shopping center developer to lease some of their properties. In the early 1990’s I was approached by another developer to manage their flagship shopping center. Beyond that I worked as an inhouse leasing rep for several landlords and also worked as a real estate agent.

What was your inspiration for creating The Lease Coach?

In 1993, I realized the landlord did not need help. I recognized that it was tenants who needed my help. When I worked for landlords, tenants were coming into my office saying the wrong things and leaving so much on the negotiating table. Tenants were making so many leasing mistakes that it easy to see I was on the wrong side of the table, and that there was a a bigger and more rewarding opportunity working for the underdog tenant.

Don’t tenants use real estate agents & attorneys to help them with leases?

Many do, and some regret it. The Lease Coach has deliberately and strategically positioned itself between the role played by a real estate agent and the role of an attorney. As a Lease Consultant I do not work for landlords and do not collect any commissions. Consider that for the most part, real estate agents may say that they’re working for the tenant, but in fact they’re collecting a commission, a fairly large commission from the landlord to get the landlord the best deal.

An attorney is typically more focussed on the legalize of the lease document and I’ve learned over 30 years that the legality of the lease is rarely in question. We’re not challenging whether the lease agreement is legal, we’re negotiating the business terms of the lease agreement. There was a void that The Lease Coach filled negotiating for and consulting to tenants.

What services do Tenants hire The Lease Coach for and how much money can you really save them?

Coaching, mentoring, negotiating leases and document reviews are the primary services that tenants hire us for. Our goal is to save the tenant 5 to 10 times our fee. Therefore there is a substantial value added benefit for the tenant. If a tenant pays me $5000 and I negotiate for 6 months of free rent, a $100K tenant allowance and a lower rental rate the tenant comes out on the winning end of the service we just provided. The return on investment for the tenant is tremendous. Just read the many testimonials from our clients stating almost in disbelief what we did for them.

Aside from negotiating the rent what else does The Lease Coach do for tenants.

50% of our focus is on the financial terms of the lease agreement. But 50% of a Lease Consultant’s role is to deal with the non-financial boilerplate clauses in the lease agreement that need to be amended and need to be explained to the tenant so that they understand their obligations. The standard landlord lease document is very much slanted in the landlord’s favor, and we level the playing field.

Tenants also come to us with situational issues such as when a HVAC system isn’t working and a landlord won’t repair it. Issues with property maintenance where the landlord is not properly maintaining the landscape, the asphalt or the building itself and that is reflecting poorly on the business.

When a business owner is selling a business, often they will hire us to negotiate the lease assignment or an extension of the lease related to that transaction that facilitates the sale of the business.

Startup Tenants often have never signed a lease before so it’s dangerous territory for them. They will frequently hire me to review their documents, give them advice and guidance and provide that piece of mind they need before signing a lease.

Don’t landlords and real estate agents resist working with The Lease Coach?

Quite frankly NO, most landlords hire and use property managers, and real estate agents and perhaps their own attorney to deal with tenants. It would be hypocritical for a landlord to say that he can hire professional help, but the tenant cannot. So resistance is almost non-existent.

Consider that the Lease Coach is not asking the landlord for any commission. Nor does The Lease Coach ask the listing real estate agent to split their commission. There is no financial disincentive for the landlord or their agent to work with the Lease Coach.

How much does the Lease Coach charge tenants and how are you paid? Isn’t commercial real estate a commission driven industry?

For the tenant who wants professional help in their corner, it’s often frustrating to rely on an agent for advice and guideance when the tenant knows the landlord is paying the agent a commission. Many tenants think it’s a conflict of interest.

The Lease Coach does not accept commissions from landlords nor do we work on a commission or contingency basis. We are professional Lease Consultants and we work for professional fees, like an accountant, architect or attorney. The Lease Coach offers project packages at project fees so tenants can get the help they need. Over half of our clients prepay us in advance before we start to work. The remainder of our tenant clients would pay us over a period of months as the work is completed. So it is not commission, nor contingency driven. We are a fee for service consultants, and tenants really appreciate that.

How many clients do you take on each month?

Personally I would take on between 3 to 5 new clients each month, depending on the scope of their project. One client may need site selection so I have to go to their area and spend time looking for a location. Others may simply want a document reviewed or a couple of hours of one on one phone advice. The leasing process and the negotiation of a lease deal is not an urgent or all encompassing project, so its relatively easy to manage many active clients at the same time. The Lease Consultant controls the speed and pace of the deal making process so working part time or full time is up to each individual.

Do tenants hire the Lease Coach more than once? Is there repeat and referral business.

Yes both repeat and referral business is strong for the Lease Coach. Some of our multi-unit tenant clients have hired us over 10 times for various lease projects. A single location tenant might hire us every five years. The Lease Coach has been in business over 27 years, so a single location tenant may have hired us 4 times over the last twenty years (for their first lease deal and every five years when their lease comes up for renewal).

Not only do tenant clients use us multiple times but they refer us to other tenants in their building or property or in their franchise system. Referrals come naturally and organically from our clients. They know how much help we gave them, how much money we saved them – and they want their neighbor or colleague to benefit as well.

Why have you decided to train other more entrepreneurs to do lease consulting work?

The demand from tenants for help is so high that the Lease Coach is barely making a ripple in the marketplace. Approximately 10 million business owners lease commercial, retail, office or shopping mall space across America and we can’t help them all. I want to train other professionals who can help the tenants that I can’t reach.

Is this a franchise system or business opportunity, do I get to use The Lease Coach name?

No this is not a franchise or a business opportunity. Lease Consulting is a service that can be added to your current business. This is a training course, a blueprint and a roadmap of what I do as The Lease Coach.

The Lease Coach is a registered trademark and not offered for use in this training course.

Who was this Lease Consulting Bootcamp training course created for?

I’ve created this Bootcamp primarily for business brokers and franchise brokers. Business brokers already have an established business and work with business owners on a daily basis, helping them to sell or buy a business. Adding Lease Consulting to the services you provide would be a very natural addition to complement what you are doing now.

Why is this a good time to get started offering Lease Consulting services?

The covid pandemic has contributed to an increase in demand from tenants who need help with their landlords and their leases. Many tenants can no longer afford to pay the same rents they agreed to. Lease renewals are coming up and tenants need help negotiating those lease renewals and help dealing with their landlord. The Lease Coach has been busy all along, but the demand from tenants is surging right now during the pandemic as tenants look for and reach out for professional help on their leases. This need will last for many years as market rents fall and rise based on fluctuating real estate inventory.

Once I take the training bootcamp course how will I begin to find tenant clients and is there much selling involved?

The bootcamp training course is designed as a Quick-Start program so you can get started right away. I will be showing you the marketing strategies that have worked for me (and steering you away from the ways that don’t work).

From a marketing perspective, we do webinars and live seminars at trade shows. We market in various publications and get the word out so that tenants become aware that there is a Lease Consultant professional in their area.

Typically once a tenant finds out about The Lease Coach they reach out to us and we offer them a free 30 minute phone consult during which time they would tell us their situation. At the Lease Coach we use consultative selling. We would explain our services and often end up getting hired at some level to help them.

Can I do Lease Consulting work part time?

Yes, but it’s not so much a decision of working part or full time. You get to choose how many clients you’re going to take on. You get to choose what you want to do. If you don’t like doing site selection, you don’t have to do that. If you like working on lease documents and dismantling the lease clasues and putting them back together with redline amendments, you can do more of that work. You get to choose the pace that you work at by the number of clients that you take on. You also get to choose how much you charge these tenants – you set your own fees based off some proven guidelines I will show you that I charge tenants.

How do I know there are tenants in my area that need help with their leases?

Since 1993, the Lease Coach has worked with over 3000 commercial tenants across North America from Florida to Alaska, to Rhode Island to California and New York. Many large landlords have commercial properties right across the country. Most lease agreements are fairly boilerplate and fairly similar. Whether it’s a restaurant owner in Texas, a retail tenant in New Jersey or a franchise tenant in Virginia they’re basically signing the same lease with the same landlords and they face the same obstacles and the same difficulties that any tenant faces in any other part of the country.

I know quite a bit about commercial leases already, why can’t I just read your book and copy your system without taking the bootcamp training course.

I expect you to read my book (more than once) and I;m going to autograph a copy and send it to all enrollees in the bootacamp. My FOR DUMMIES book focuses on lease negotiating strategies and tactics for the tenant which is valuable knowledge to aquire. However, the Lease Consulting Bootcamp course focuses on how to aquire and attract tenant clients and how to monetize lease consulting services.

The course will show you how to attract new tenant clients, and dramatically shorten your learning curve as you become more familiar with offering lease consulting and coaching services. The average project fee is $6500. The investment for this course is less than half of that amount. So you will earn the entire course fee back on your first client. Re-inventing the wheel is costly in time and money – and not necessary when you can learn what you need from this bootcamp.

How soon after taking the bootcamp training course can I get started consulting and making money?

Immediately after the course is completed you should approach your existing clients, asking them if they want help with their lease. You will now be trained in lease consulting and can scale up from this point. The faster you implement the marketing methods I show you, the faster tenants will discover you and hire you. Remember tenants pay us in advance or over time. If a tenant hires you on Tuesday you get paid on Tuesday. To me, being paid upfront in advance by my clients if much better than chasing a commission or contingency fee.

What is your average client acquisition cost and is it going to cost me a lot of money to get started once I take the course?

The Lease Coach training Bootcamp anticipates that you are already operating as a business broker or franchise broker. What you’ll be doing is adding lease consulting to the services you already provide. Most of you will already have a website, business cards and contacts that you can market to.

On average our client acquisition cost is less than 10% of the fee that the tenant pays us. With a $5000 client, we may have invested $300 – $500 dollars to acquire that client through marketing. Think of your current business as if it were a steak house restaurant. You decide to add seafood to the menu to increase revenues. You already have a kitchen, staff, customers etc. So its not that costly to add seafood – or in this case Lease Consulting to your menu.

Is Lease Consulting really that simple?

No, its allot of work becoming good at the craft. I’m not The Lease Coach because I wrote a FOR DUMMIES book on this subject. I was able to write a How-To book because I did the work and put in the time. And as a result I earned millions of dollars doing what I love and helping tenants all across America.

Message from The Lease Coach

I believe The Lease Coach Bootcamp system can not only be the solution to your financial challenges but also a fulfilling work experience while also complimenting your existing career. This is why I designed this training course specifically for business brokers just like you.
Your time is now to earn more money and help tenants along the way. Since 1993 my team has completed over 3000 leasing projects for commercial tenants. We’ve earned millions of dollars purely in consulting fees mostly paid upfront by our clients, no commission work. Can you see the possibilities of this training course by adding Lease Coaching, Consulting and Negotiating services to your current business brokerage operation?
Get enrolled for the course asap, and I will autograph and send you Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals FOR DUMMIES with some personal notes to get our relationship started.
The Lease Coach

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