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Dale Willerton is the founder of The Lease Coach. Prior to 1993, Dale worked for commercial landlords, but came to realize that it wasn’t landlords who needed his help, it was business tenants. Since then Willerton and The Lease Coach consultants have become America’s #1 Authority on commercial lease negotiating for retail, professional, franchise and office tenants.

The Lease Coach has spoken to tens of thousands of tenants at conventions and franchise shows across the US and Canada. Dale Willerton has written many books and self help products including leasing seminars on CD for commercial tenants on lease negotiating available through HelpULease.com, a website specifically dedicated to helping all business tenants.

Since 1993, The Lease Coach has successfully completed over 3000 leasing projects for major name brand tenants and independents alike.

The Lease Coach has opened offices throughout the US and Canada to help business owners.

To speak with Dale Willerton email him at DaleWillerton@TheLeaseCoach.com or call

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